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AvTunes aims to gather a bunch of cool aviation songs together in one place, and give people an opportunity to rate and discuss within the context of this theme. While most of the content is sourced from elsewhere (predominantly YouTube) it can be difficult to find a wide range of material in keeping with a theme, and partake in discussion with others who have a similar interest in that theme. AvTunes attempts to do this for Aviation Music, therefore being more than simply a collection of links. We encourage you to enjoy the content shown here via YouTube’s embedded video players, and then to visit YouTube directly to explore in greater depth from the starting points we provide. You can view any video in YouTube’s native environment by RIGHT-CLICKing on the player and selecting “View in YouTube”

Please note that we consider content issues with regard to copyright or the suitability of the videos embedded here to be the responsibility of the source website. Having said, if you have any particular concerns with regard to any content shown on this site please send us an email and tell us about it.

Clearly we have only just started building a list of great aviation music. If you have any suggestions or particular favorites that we don’t have in our list yet (in keeping with the aviation theme, of course!) — please send us an email.

Our email address: admin@avtunes.com

We hope you’ll enjoy the songs, and the flight down memory lane!

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Pilots will call anyone who can use the words "aviation," "flying", and "Krueger Flaps" in a song a genius. AvTunes gathers together some of these songs and gives you a chance to rate them. Enjoy, and email us your suggestions.